Who is Admiral Q?

Background: For the rest of this post I’m going to assume you’ve read #Document0 and #Document1. If that’s not the case, you still may find it easy to read, but if context is missing, that’s why.

This was originally posted on StreamRift forums last year (2019). We offered to host the discussion from and I believe qmap.pub was created to fill a similar void. I can’t really vouch for the veracity of the statements in this, but I can authenticate that this document was posted on servers maintained by Some Corporation and aside from formatting issues, has been largely unaltered.
This document was released on 7/22/2020. I believe this probably gives the most honest context for most of what the QAnon movement is and how it started. I think that looking through my personal experiences with the internet prior to 2000, this seems like a reasonable trajectory that others would have had with the internet. My first internet connection was a dial up modem of 56kbs which could download a three minute song in under 20 minutes. AOL, ICQ, Juno, Netscape, ahh, those were the days.

Starting with Document0

Who is Q? What is Q? Why is Q? Great questions. Document0 purports that since late 2017, Q Clearance Patriot, is “Q”. It also goes on to describe Q as anonymous friends and neighbors taking action against perceived (if not real) evil forces. The “evil” being referenced is effectively a network of forces that are fighting via information warfare. While based on the few phone calls I had with the individuals who I gave access to my platform to post Document0 I could only gather but so much, I do believe there is significant authenticity in their actions and that the people I spoke with generally do believe what they’re saying, whether or not it’s 100% accurate. So with some skepticism, I would consider Document0 to be at least credible enough to give some consideration to. Which is why Document1 is so interesting to me.

So #Document1 is probably the closest thing I’ve had to being #redpilled as it were. If you don’t know what redpilling is, it’s a reference to the movie the matrix when Neo is given the opportunity to take a blue pill (go back to life as he knew it) or red pill (learn the unspeakable horrors of actual reality). References like that are highly popular in internet culture.

Pause: between the release of Document0 in 2019 and Document1 7/22/2020, I created a character with the pen name “Josh Greco” or “AdmiralQ”. Between one facebook account and one twitter account I passed around a lot of images and hashtags surrounding all sorts of things. I was suspicious that the creators of Document0 were in some way fraudsters, but since I couldn’t point to anything overly fishy, I started doing homework on QAnon. That would lead to a lot of discussions, group joining, tweets, memes, etc. It was very easy to get that Facebook account to over 5,000 friends and keep it pegged there. The twitter account with mostly the same types of material really didn’t get a lot of action. I just assumed it was because twitter might not have that many people on their platform that were interested in such things.

So back to Document1, the narrative fits really well with my personal experience with the internet starting pre 2000 and is highly consistent with my experience under the “pen name” “Josh Greco”. The author of Document1 claims to be Q and basically goes through the origin story. What started off as shitposting turned into a real “Galaxy Quest” moment where because people viewed Q as X, it became X. I actually think that Josh Greco helped play a hand in the transition from Q being shit posting to Q being highly visible. Josh Greco was the persona of a marine that loved his country and was highly committed to questioning narratives, speaking out against human rights violations, and never backing down from a facebook discussion about political issues. He proudly wore his Trump 2020 hat, would quote statistics about international issues, and overall was an all-american badass. I’m actually pleased to say that after I created that account, some of the friends I made there came to my “real” facebook account. My grandfather was a marine that served in the Korean war and my other grandfather served in the Navy in WWII. I’ve had great role models for what it’s like to put the needs of others ahead of yourself, the reward of disciplined work, and overall a sense of pride in citizenship. I have seen a lot of those same characteristics reflected back online. I don’t think that there is a silent majority anymore, I think they have realized they are the silenced majority and things are starting to get loud.

So what about things like #Pizzagate, #Epstein, #Adrenochrome, #BLM, #Frazzledrip. I actually think this is the exciting part. I believe that what has inadvertently happened is that we really have triggered the greatest collective awakening of individuals. Not that such an awakening really is the same for one person to the next, but we are starting to really open our eyes collectively and able to have public discussions in the light of day questioning narratives and challenging what we’re told.

So who is Admiral Q?

I had a lot of fun with the Josh Greco character. If Q was meant to be in the shadows and the quite unseen army, then it needs a public point of contact. As QAnon is largely a net that collects from a lot of ideologies, I suspect Admiral Q’s first job would be to connect those ready to fight with the resources they need to engage in battle. What brought the attention of Q to me in the first place was my posting and hosting of videos that are deemed “objectionable” and have been censored worldwide. The internet is largely run by California idealists that enforce a pseudo morality clause into most of your online activity. If anyone has an app on their phone, Google or Apple can match that with a tremendous amount of information which they freely share with anyone they feel like. What’s happened is we have as internet users chosen to segment ourselves under the umbrella of corporations an governments that are being given access to a tremendous amount of information, which they are using against us. When it comes to things like freedom, independence, and equality, it’s difficult to imagine a better country than the United States of America. If we’re failing this horribly with technology, we need to raise our standards.

So why did Josh Greco proudly wear his Trump 2020 hat? Because Trump has made it clear he is willing to protect the intellectual property of U.S. technology companies. The things I have done to protect free speech on the internet would get me in prison for up to 5,000 years in New Zealand, probably more. Why? For hosting a video their censorship department deems “objectionable?” Fuck that. My grandfather did not serve in the United States Marine Corp or the Navy so that I could willingly hand the internet over to foreigners.

Admiral Q is here to help anyone willing to join the cause of freedom protect freedom. On my facebook feed that includes the III% militias, QAnon, Anonymous, Boog Bois, and anyone willing to help fight to end the information warfare that is in fact plaguing our society right now. It was eight days ago that the Document1 was dropped and based on that the only thing missing right now is public access to tools to help fight the evils that have been exposed through QResearchers. In the coming days I’ll be recruiting for members willing to join me in the spotlight to fight information warfare and confusion. Sex trafficking and slavery still exist in 2020 and that needs to end. What I’ve learned through the writings of Josh Greco is that American citizens had enough with the bullshit and the whole world is watching what happens next.