StreamRift Version #Next is #ComingSoon

StreamRift has evolved over the years.

It’s largely a pet project for Joshua Stacy, who believes the world deserves free speech.

It was originally a number of things, but most notably a “YouTube Alternative”, when it had tens of thousands of videos.

Yet the mission of StreamRift, to help protect #FreeSpeech, couldn’t have been more successful.

The world knows that the internet is censored now.

Every day internet users have become so aware of this, that the market has been forced to adapt.

We are all watching the world together now, better than ever.

The next version of StreamRift will likely be featuring the reboot of “The Josh Show”, starting with a section known as “Things My Wife Says I Shouldn’t Talk About”. We’re going to start with 9/11 questions such as “where is the plane?” and “what is the video of a missle hitting the Pentagon?” Don’t worry, we’ll also talk about how WTC 7 didn’t kill itself.

This is part of a larger picture objective and a real shift. I’ll be announcing the birth of my very first Corporate Accelerator! I am actively involved in launching another handful of companies in the next six months, and this will help sort of consolidate a lot of the efforts I have been building on over the years.

I keep some stats on visitors, but it is very spartan. I don’t know how many people actually read what I write, but if you have been following the story since #110FleetStreet, then that is where we will be picking up.