#SaveOurChildren #SaveTheChildren #ThoughtVirus

What else won’t Facebook tell you? Really want to make #SaveTheChildren #SaveOurChildren pop? Everyone go through and react with different emojis. The more emojis that get activated the more relevant it thinks the thread is.

For those of you that haven’t been working heavily in internet marketing for the last 10 years, what’s going on with the #SaveTheChildren and #SaveOurChilrden is a brute force attack against censorship. Because people are on so many different platforms, the #SaveTheChildren spread through all the circles so fast, no one platform can censor it without it being obvious BECAUSE we are all on different platforms. I have my internet accounts created for different purposes. What makes it impossible for them to really fight this #ThoughtVirus is that it is highly contagious across conversations and platforms. All of these posts and reposts and extra responses, the # is what makes it readable to machines. Generally computers have an extremely difficult time ingesting large complicated data sets, such as long blog posts like this. Even if the big tech companies have AIs that can read through at some simple level, it’s doubtful the #SaveTheChildren #ThoughtVirus has already woke up more people in 72 hours than #Anonymous has been able to in the last 10 years.

If you’re reading this far and want to really go bonkers, let’s full commit. Because facebook has a limit of 5k friends, I started a page for #JoshGreco that can have a nearly unlimited amount of readers. I post most of my more detailed/deep/complicated content on there, partially because I use Josh Greco as a pen name. My Q name is #AdmiralQ. Along with my #Anonymous friends, #Qtards#QAnon#Cicada3301, and the dedication of countless fellow soldiers, we’ve been keeping secrets hidden from machines. #SaveTheChildren means #HumansAreFreeFromCensorship#EveryoneIsWakingUp

About a year and a half ago I was advised by my attorneys to never leave this country because, if I ended up in Australia or New Zealand I would be facing prison time in excess of 5,000 years. Guess what, the country that let’s me protect free speech is the country for me. It was good enough for my grandfather Greco to serve as a Marine in the Korean War. It was good enough for my grandfather who served in World War II in the navy. It’s good enough for me to protect online. My grandfather Greco bought me my first computer. I bought my first Aston Martin at 35 and my career is a living dream. It’s hard in a lot of ways, but when I tell my friends five days ago “Who wants to help me fight sex traficking” and the whole internet says #SaveTheChildren, I feel really proud of the efforts of everyone making #QAnon the largest digital force on the internet. #SemperFi #AlwaysReady #SemperMortem