Making progress!

Over the next 90 days or so going to spin out 5-10 projects under the StreamRift brand (or at least that’s the goal). It’s become easier and easier to explain to people that the internet is censored and that if we don’t take action we could be silenced forever.

Next project coming out is StreamRift messenger. It’s going to be a communication platform that allows users to message and communicate in groups without having any information stored locally to their device. While the communications are stored on StreamRift Servers, users have the ability to do a full wipe up to once a day. This allows individuals the ability to communicate in realtime without having to worry about being taken out of context. Additionally, once a conversation is deleted, it’s deleted for both sides. We do not log who reads what and to be fully complaint with at least one provision of the GDPR we allow all users the ability to dump their entire profile as if it never existed.