Invitation to the Revolution

The global revolution of 2020 is here. Who is involved? Here is the guest list so far:

  1. QAnon
  2. Anonymous
  3. Q
  4. Q+
  5. Admiral Q
  6. General Michael Flynn
  7. Countless militias
  8. NSA
  9. DHS
  10. CIA
  11. DOD
  12. Microsoft
  13. Black Lives Matter
  14. (domestic terrorists)
  15. Antifa (domestic terrorists)
  16. NFAC
  17. LAPD
  18. LASD (stopped and searched mayor of Compton, her husband, and young child until they realized it was the mayor)
  19. Epstein Island and guests
    1. BillClintonIsaPedo (25+ times to orgy island)
    2. Hillary Clinton may be involved in trafficking children through the Clinton Foundation
    3. Ghislaine Maxwell
  20. Kanye West
  21. Taylor Swift
  22. Hong Kong
  23. Germany
  24. Virginia
  25. Many many more
  26. GeneralQ (8/19/2020)
  27. Boogaloo Bois
  28. The Redacted Boys
  29. QH3301 (8/25/2020)

If you are reading this, odds are you are either flying solo or in a very limited group. The revolution of 2020 will likely continue for years and it may not be until the battles are won that many people will even realize the full scope of what’s going on. So what can you do to help?

  1. Get your squad together. Maybe you’re flying solo, maybe you have a few friends, maybe you are part of a militia, whatever your situation is, circle the wagons.
  2. Learn to communicate across multiple social media platforms. The internet is being censored, but it’s being censored differently by different platforms. The ability to stay connected with your squad, even through censorship, has tremendous advantages. I’ll write later about very specific details on how to do it, but the very short version is whatever social media accounts your on now, great, keep those as normal, but spin up others. No single social media company currently controls 100% of the internet. Even Apple and Google combined don’t have all of the phone accounts. Some social media accounts you probably want to be very conservative with, others you can use to broadcast unfiltered.
  3. Start creating a shared knowledge base or collective understanding with your squad. Do research. Most likely, you don’t share the same views as each other. With all the misinformation and information being passed around, it’s much more efficient to break out into research groups and exchange notes than to have any one person try to solve everything. The collective cache of tips, drops, etc available now is highly significant. I’m working on making some of the more common narratives available with information either supporting or debunking them. I hope others will join in that effort as we have a lot of information to go through.
  4. Question everything. Everyone is living in their own matrix of fact and fiction. People normally go through stages of grief when it comes to being redpilled. It’s not up to you to redpill anyone, it’s more about meeting people where they are at. My goal in creating this invitation to the revolution has been to help bring order to chaos. With billions of people watching millions protest, the competing agendas are all over the place. Why are certain agendas being pushed? Why are certain people being attacked? What does the media distract you from? What does social media distract you from? If there really was a ruling elite, how would they control the masses?
#QAnon #AdmiralQ #GeneralQ

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