I mean, to be fair, the CDC now says 6%. Less than 10k deaths, down from 150k or so? Who the FUCK do you think is lying to you?

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I couldn’t take it anymore

I have an aunt I’m very close to that I have had to go very low contact with. I’m honestly not sure how holidays will work this year. We are both registered nurses. I work critical care and it’s been rough dealing with Corona. My aunt doesn’t work in a hospital. She is taken in by the qult. She has turned full anti vax. Is convinced that the CDC and DR. Fauci are making up claims to discredit Trump. She is convinced all the tests are wrong and no one actually dies from Corona. Meanwhile it’s been the worst summer of my nursing career and I’ve worked flu season before. Now all she ever wants to talk about is the government poisoning people to increase the numbers and how we need to stock pile guns because BLM are terrorists…… she called me a terrorist. I just don’t know what to do anymore. My family is very close. We all live in the same county basically. She and my uncle are convinced in Q, even the baby eating parts. Posted that Biden wants to steal newborns from hospitals to sacrifice them. She made my other aunt cry. Its tearing my family apart. And I’m just so tired of it all. I try to stay up to date on latest Q shit so I can tell my mother. I try to give her the heads up because my aunt and uncle are actively trying to recruit her. My mom is stronger than me and can just smile and nod. A lot of the q stuff just gets under my skin and I end up saying something. I might just volunteer to work this years holidays.