Criticisms of Q

Q: what role specifically do you believe QAnon could play in preventing harm or death to children, including the ones above.

Oh i don’t know, instead of filling the streets to spread an insane schizophrenic message about Tom Hanks being executed and replaced by a clone or whatever it is they’re currently on about, realize that the massive amounts of money spent to maintain US hegemony results in death and destruction for millions around the globe. Many of whom are children. These images are intentionally chosen to show decades of US sponsored violence against children, so the logical thing would be to dismantle the military-industrial system that created it to begin with.

Thing is, Q people don’t really care about human lives, or children. If they did they would be concerning themselves with the very real sexual abuse that happens to children inside of ICE detention centers, or the particulars of the Epstein case, just as two quick examples.

If they actually cared about children they’d realize that victimization is entirely apolitical. Wholesale child trafficking and sex crimes are a side effect of unrestrained wealth and power, and an actual political movement that would curb those things is inherently anti-capitalist. The networks of trafficking wouldn’t exist if there weren’t hundreds of people effectively granted extrajudicial status by their money. For Qanon to be anything else beyond a bunch of politically motivated, not very savvy boomers being manipulated into violence and confusion by right wing chaos agents, they would have to actually address the real problem and sources of power and violence.

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