Making progress!

Over the next 90 days or so going to spin out 5-10 projects under the StreamRift brand (or at least that’s the goal). It’s become easier and easier to explain to people that the internet is censored and that if we don’t take action we could be silenced forever.

Next project coming out is StreamRift messenger. It’s going to be a communication platform that allows users to message and communicate in groups without having any information stored locally to their device. While the communications are stored on StreamRift Servers, users have the ability to do a full wipe up to once a day. This allows individuals the ability to communicate in realtime without having to worry about being taken out of context. Additionally, once a conversation is deleted, it’s deleted for both sides. We do not log who reads what and to be fully complaint with at least one provision of the GDPR we allow all users the ability to dump their entire profile as if it never existed.

Quickly update

So StreamRift, as a project, has taken many forms over the last few years. As I have been working on this project, the market itself has changed a lot and I have learned a lot as well. I had to take a break from working on this for roughly the last year to attend to some personal matters, but most of that is either resolved or on it’s way to be resolved at this point. So what does that mean for StreamRift?

Starting around September 2020, we’ll be rolling out updates that will most notably include the ability for content creators to have more control over the content they produce. We’ll accomplish that by providing unique hosting solutions that will allow as much autonomy for content creators as they would like, without having to sacrifice on the ability to connect with their fans.

Additionally, StreamRift itself is going to transition from being largely a video hosting platform (previously we hosted around 30k videos with the most views a single video received being around 500k views), but to more of a technology program. We’re currently experimenting with newer technologies as they’ve been evolving, and most excited about working with the peertube project.

More updates coming next month!

What does “an independent internet” mean?

In 2020 the internet is larger than it’s ever been. If you look through the last few decades the internet has also really grown leaps and bounds in terms of technology, user base, accessibility, capability, etc. One of the other impacts of the growing internet is the ability for corporations and governments to control consumers by feeding them (mis)information, limiting access based on arbitrary rules, and profiteering off of surveillance capitalism. I think it would be unfair to demonize capitalism as an enemy of the internet, but there does need to be an opposing force to help limit the possibilities of governments like the one in China from being able to exert totalitarian control over the masses.

In a world with an independent internet, every user would have access to vast amounts of information and tools without having to be inundated with ads. In a world with an independent internet, people would be able to freely discuss their thoughts and concerns. In a world with an independent internet, millions and billions of people would be able to connect with each other to solve problems in real-time.

So how do we get to this independent internet? What parts of the internet are independent now? I don’t have all the answers, but these are the questions I debate with just about anyone who will listen.

StreamRift took a huge blow at the end of 2019 when we lost our video library of approximately 20,000 videos. We’re optimistic about the ability to rebuild, but that doesn’t change that we have to rebuild. While we’re reorganizing please feel free to provide feedback, criticism, and support. The only way StreamRift succeeds is if it really does help make the internet a better place. To me, an independent internet is a better place. What do you think?