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With Parler taking “the long sleep”, going to be running around a lot this week trying to build things up.

Thank goodness we have a backbone to share information across the globe without Silicon Valley or CCP Tech.


StreamRift Version #Next is #ComingSoon

StreamRift has evolved over the years.

It’s largely a pet project for Joshua Stacy, who believes the world deserves free speech.

It was originally a number of things, but most notably a “YouTube Alternative”, when it had tens of thousands of videos.

Yet the mission of StreamRift, to help protect #FreeSpeech, couldn’t have been more successful.

The world knows that the internet is censored now.

Every day internet users have become so aware of this, that the market has been forced to adapt.

We are all watching the world together now, better than ever.

The next version of StreamRift will likely be featuring the reboot of “The Josh Show”, starting with a section known as “Things My Wife Says I Shouldn’t Talk About”. We’re going to start with 9/11 questions such as “where is the plane?” and “what is the video of a missle hitting the Pentagon?” Don’t worry, we’ll also talk about how WTC 7 didn’t kill itself.

This is part of a larger picture objective and a real shift. I’ll be announcing the birth of my very first Corporate Accelerator! I am actively involved in launching another handful of companies in the next six months, and this will help sort of consolidate a lot of the efforts I have been building on over the years.

I keep some stats on visitors, but it is very spartan. I don’t know how many people actually read what I write, but if you have been following the story since #110FleetStreet, then that is where we will be picking up.



This world has done a good job in 2020 at blowing all of our minds. No matter which side of the aisle you sit on I think it’s fair to say we all have a big problem with people hurting our children. 2020 has brought some ugly truths to people all over the world. The save the/our children movement opened so many eyes. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some facts about Adrenochrome. What is it? What is it’s purpose? How is it extracted? Who is it extracted from? Who uses it?

Adrenochrome is the adrenalized blood that is extracted from the pineal gland during the fight or flight response in the body. It’s when it is at its most potent. It happens during fear. Which means those who would seek it use various forms of extreme torture to heighten the fear and adrenaline produced. When the individual reaches what is believed to be its absolute most terrified they use a needle to stab into the pineal gland and extract or in other cases remove the pineal gland and eat it.
Who exactly is a candidate for adrenochrome harvesting? CHILDREN. The younger the child the more pure the adrenochrome is. Who could do such a thing? I’ll tell you. Adrenochrome is the elite drug of choice. Apparently it gives an LSD like high. It’s been suggested that elites worldwide participate in both the consumption “production” and the harvesting of adrenochrome. That they participate in torture and human sacrifice rituals. Elite status is actually said to be achieved through such activities. They are compromised and in return they are offered a higher status. Tit for tat. Whether it be Hollywood, politicians, world leaders etc. Many people in positions of influence partake in this atrocity. Think Epstein island.

You’re probably wondering how is this possible and we don’t know about it? Simple. If you dare speak out, you tend to meet an untimely death. Or if you’re lucky you just get blacklisted. Just looking at the list in Hollywood of deaths is enough to make you raise your eyebrows. Michael Jackson, Chester Bennington, Isaac Kappy. Then you have those whose careers take a nose dive.. Mel Gibson for one, who has been very vocal about Hollywood being “drenched in the blood of innocent children” if you ever have time to do a little digging check out some of Mr. Gibson’s quotes on Hollywood.
And everyone thought he was crazy. We were made to believe he was. He has been trying to tell us all along.

Whether you choose to believe it or not the fact remains that Human trafficking takes in approximately $150 BILLION a year. Hundreds of thousands of children go missing and Epstein Island is a real thing. So what happened to the hundreds of thousands of children then? Why is that number so high? Where are the children?

I’ll finish with this. Through a link sent to me from a friend, I did some digging and came across this link that I am going to share with you. Does adrenochrome exist? Decide for yourself. Then take a moment to give all the children in your life some extra hugs tonight.

RBG and The Supreme Court

The woman who led an incredible life and left behind a political nightmare.

As many are caught up in the death of RBG it’s no surprise to see it evolve into a political circus. While many of the far left leaning ideologies are mourning, and right leaning ideologies are celebrating, our elected officials are losing their minds. 

 According to the constitution, it is the Presidents job to nominate a Supreme Court justice upon a vacancy and the Senates job to confirm. If you aren’t familiar I’ve linked it below.

So why then is it necessary to add in the drama? Why are we all watching our elected officials make threats against our president for doing the job he was elected to do?

In 2016 Barack Obama himself stated that he would do his job until January 20, 2017 concerning a Supreme Court nomination. And he did. His job was to NOMINATE. Not confirm. 


In 2016 Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself state’s that there is nothing in the constitution that says a president cannot nominate a new Supreme Court justice. 

Joe Biden stayed that the country deserved a full Supreme Court of 9. He obviously forgot. 

Meanwhile, to be fair, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham both opposed an election year nomination/appointment. 

What RBG Said in 2016 About Filling a SCOTUS Vacancy During an Election Year

So I have to ask, What has changed? The political games are enough to give any American paying attention whiplash.  And believe me. We ARE paying attention. Watching these elected officials behave in such a way is likeness to childish squabbles. It’s irritating and leaves a bad taste. 

Currently Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are both throwing threats on the table that should raise questions by everyone. Impeachment for fulfilling your duties? Or are we being groomed for yet another coup by the Democrats? Would you be surprised at this point of the extent to which our political millionaires are willing to go? 

Furious Democrats consider total war if McConnell jams through Supreme Court pick – Axios

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a Republic governed by The Constitution of The United States of America. Why are we being pitted against one another over Constitutional law?

I’m not sure about you but I am unimpressed. There is no dignity in politics anymore. Just a bunch of politicians with no integrity and inflated bank accounts and egos. 

Ruth Bader Ginsberg left this world and when she did she left behind a vacancy that like it or not, needs to be filled. The President was elected into office to do a job and filling that vacancy is one of them. So, until January 17, 2020, We the American people expect him to do just that. I am very confident that, like many other promises he’s made, he will! 

Fill the seat!

And a little extra sauce