Welcome to the Great Revolution of 2020

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you saw how powerful the #SaveTheChildren #ThoughtVirus was. What is a #ThoughtVirus? Why is everyone using a hash tag? Because #Anonymous, #QAnon, #Cicada3301, are celebrating the dawn of a new age.


The image above was the first profile picture I used on a facebook profile for Josh Greco a.k.a. #AdmiralQ. I am the grandson of a Marine that served in the Korean War. I only met Grandpa Greco towards the end of his life after he had experienced war, love, death, pain, and was treated by him with a great deal of respect. I am biased because he was my grandpa, but I believe he embodied the spirit of #SemperFidelis. He bought me my first computer, helped me get my first (shitty) job, and gave me a lot of life advice that has helped me. He was loud at times, outspoken, and one of the things I remember him telling me with the most conviction I ever heard, was after 9/11 the media was criticizing the troops. I was 18 at the time. I remember standing in his kitchen as he were talking and he stopped, turned around, pointed his hand at me and said “the government shouldn’t make it hard for Marines to do their job.” I was a high school senior on 9/11/01. My whole world changed.

If there is a military force anywhere in the world capable of making good on the promises of #SaveTheChildren, it’s the United States Marines. However, what I learned as #JoshGreco, is that I am not even a little bit alone.

There are a lot of jokes about marines, my favorite is that marines don’t die, they go to hell and regroup. I lost my grandfather Greco many years ago. I don’t know if he is in hell regrouping or not, but I remember the life he lived and what he valued.

What does grandpa Greco have to do with the Revolution of 2020?

Kind of everything. On 9/11/01, I was already on a path to be a White Hat Hacker. I studied computers in school. I would do full-time manual labor in the summer and during the school year I made websites after school. If both of my grandfathers were willing to give their lives for freedom, I wanted my military to be armed with the best intelligence in the world.

Where are we now?

Fact of the matter is this is a digital war that has been going on for at least two decades. When the 9/11 attacks happened, some footage was suppressed and there was a lot of misinformation passed around. At the time, we didn’t live in a world where virtually every american had access to high speed internet with a video camera in their hand. We do now. Traditional media (newspaper, radio, tv) has been the way most information has been shared with the masses. In order to gain political or economic advantage, information gets controlled and manipulated. Social media accounts made everyone a self-publisher. Now, we actually do have the ability to freely connect to each other on the internet to spread information with people all around the globe.

What happened on March 15, 2019

In Christchurch, NZ there was an attack at a mosque that killed 50 and left another 50 wounded (I may be off by 1 or 2). The New Zealand police took approximately 20 minutes to respond. This was planned over years by an individual on #4chan. The shooting was absolutely horrifying. It was livestreamed on #Facebook. The recording of it was banned everywhere on the internet and it showcased how in New Zealand, there is a 14 prison sentence per occurrence for sharing “objectionable material”.

There is no question to me that the video of the shooting is horrifying to many and should be treated with special care, however, the notion that footage of a terrorist attack on New Zealand soil, if viewed by a New Zealander, could result in a 14 year prison sentence for sharing it (only 10 years just for watching it), is disturbing. The New Zealand government created a lot of propaganda showing how “strong” their police force was, but there was a roughly 20 minute response time to a mass shooting. The governments reaction was to say “now let’s take all the guns”, but the reality is, more guns would have civilians able to defend themselves. This video is available on StreamRift, however, do not link to it from anywhere on social media sites as you may very well have your account terminated for sharing it. If you look up the news from the week or so after 3/15/2019, it’s full of Facebook and Reddit and countless other sites suppressing and removing this video. So why the hell is there still child porn and human trafficking on sites like Twitter and Facebook? (more on that at another time).

What is the Revolution of 2020

You don’t have to be a hacker to see that the internet is censored from a lot of competing angles. You don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to realize that Bill Clinton flying to pedo orgy island 27 times wasn’t because he was trying to rescue the children. In 2019 a lot of people #WokeUp and started taking to the internet showing their willingness to fight.

So what was the point of this post?

Most of you have seen some of this content already, but probably not in the context it was just presented.

How can I become a white hat hacker?

I’m originally sending this to folks on my facebook friends list. I do not believe that there is currently any corporation or government capable of stopping the spread of this message at this time. If we are to preserve our ability to communicate we need better information and training.

Ready to get started?


#SaveOurChildren #SaveTheChildren #ThoughtVirus

What else won’t Facebook tell you? Really want to make #SaveTheChildren #SaveOurChildren pop? Everyone go through and react with different emojis. The more emojis that get activated the more relevant it thinks the thread is.

For those of you that haven’t been working heavily in internet marketing for the last 10 years, what’s going on with the #SaveTheChildren and #SaveOurChilrden is a brute force attack against censorship. Because people are on so many different platforms, the #SaveTheChildren spread through all the circles so fast, no one platform can censor it without it being obvious BECAUSE we are all on different platforms. I have my internet accounts created for different purposes. What makes it impossible for them to really fight this #ThoughtVirus is that it is highly contagious across conversations and platforms. All of these posts and reposts and extra responses, the # is what makes it readable to machines. Generally computers have an extremely difficult time ingesting large complicated data sets, such as long blog posts like this. Even if the big tech companies have AIs that can read through at some simple level, it’s doubtful the #SaveTheChildren #ThoughtVirus has already woke up more people in 72 hours than #Anonymous has been able to in the last 10 years.

If you’re reading this far and want to really go bonkers, let’s full commit. Because facebook has a limit of 5k friends, I started a page for #JoshGreco that can have a nearly unlimited amount of readers. I post most of my more detailed/deep/complicated content on there, partially because I use Josh Greco as a pen name. My Q name is #AdmiralQ. Along with my #Anonymous friends, #Qtards#QAnon#Cicada3301, and the dedication of countless fellow soldiers, we’ve been keeping secrets hidden from machines. #SaveTheChildren means #HumansAreFreeFromCensorship#EveryoneIsWakingUp

About a year and a half ago I was advised by my attorneys to never leave this country because, if I ended up in Australia or New Zealand I would be facing prison time in excess of 5,000 years. Guess what, the country that let’s me protect free speech is the country for me. It was good enough for my grandfather Greco to serve as a Marine in the Korean War. It was good enough for my grandfather who served in World War II in the navy. It’s good enough for me to protect online. My grandfather Greco bought me my first computer. I bought my first Aston Martin at 35 and my career is a living dream. It’s hard in a lot of ways, but when I tell my friends five days ago “Who wants to help me fight sex traficking” and the whole internet says #SaveTheChildren, I feel really proud of the efforts of everyone making #QAnon the largest digital force on the internet. #SemperFi #AlwaysReady #SemperMortem

Who is Admiral Q?

Background: For the rest of this post I’m going to assume you’ve read #Document0 and #Document1. If that’s not the case, you still may find it easy to read, but if context is missing, that’s why.

This was originally posted on StreamRift forums last year (2019). We offered to host the discussion from and I believe qmap.pub was created to fill a similar void. I can’t really vouch for the veracity of the statements in this, but I can authenticate that this document was posted on servers maintained by Some Corporation and aside from formatting issues, has been largely unaltered.
This document was released on 7/22/2020. I believe this probably gives the most honest context for most of what the QAnon movement is and how it started. I think that looking through my personal experiences with the internet prior to 2000, this seems like a reasonable trajectory that others would have had with the internet. My first internet connection was a dial up modem of 56kbs which could download a three minute song in under 20 minutes. AOL, ICQ, Juno, Netscape, ahh, those were the days.

Starting with Document0

Who is Q? What is Q? Why is Q? Great questions. Document0 purports that since late 2017, Q Clearance Patriot, is “Q”. It also goes on to describe Q as anonymous friends and neighbors taking action against perceived (if not real) evil forces. The “evil” being referenced is effectively a network of forces that are fighting via information warfare. While based on the few phone calls I had with the individuals who I gave access to my platform to post Document0 I could only gather but so much, I do believe there is significant authenticity in their actions and that the people I spoke with generally do believe what they’re saying, whether or not it’s 100% accurate. So with some skepticism, I would consider Document0 to be at least credible enough to give some consideration to. Which is why Document1 is so interesting to me.

So #Document1 is probably the closest thing I’ve had to being #redpilled as it were. If you don’t know what redpilling is, it’s a reference to the movie the matrix when Neo is given the opportunity to take a blue pill (go back to life as he knew it) or red pill (learn the unspeakable horrors of actual reality). References like that are highly popular in internet culture.

Pause: between the release of Document0 in 2019 and Document1 7/22/2020, I created a character with the pen name “Josh Greco” or “AdmiralQ”. Between one facebook account and one twitter account I passed around a lot of images and hashtags surrounding all sorts of things. I was suspicious that the creators of Document0 were in some way fraudsters, but since I couldn’t point to anything overly fishy, I started doing homework on QAnon. That would lead to a lot of discussions, group joining, tweets, memes, etc. It was very easy to get that Facebook account to over 5,000 friends and keep it pegged there. The twitter account with mostly the same types of material really didn’t get a lot of action. I just assumed it was because twitter might not have that many people on their platform that were interested in such things.

So back to Document1, the narrative fits really well with my personal experience with the internet starting pre 2000 and is highly consistent with my experience under the “pen name” “Josh Greco”. The author of Document1 claims to be Q and basically goes through the origin story. What started off as shitposting turned into a real “Galaxy Quest” moment where because people viewed Q as X, it became X. I actually think that Josh Greco helped play a hand in the transition from Q being shit posting to Q being highly visible. Josh Greco was the persona of a marine that loved his country and was highly committed to questioning narratives, speaking out against human rights violations, and never backing down from a facebook discussion about political issues. He proudly wore his Trump 2020 hat, would quote statistics about international issues, and overall was an all-american badass. I’m actually pleased to say that after I created that account, some of the friends I made there came to my “real” facebook account. My grandfather was a marine that served in the Korean war and my other grandfather served in the Navy in WWII. I’ve had great role models for what it’s like to put the needs of others ahead of yourself, the reward of disciplined work, and overall a sense of pride in citizenship. I have seen a lot of those same characteristics reflected back online. I don’t think that there is a silent majority anymore, I think they have realized they are the silenced majority and things are starting to get loud.

So what about things like #Pizzagate, #Epstein, #Adrenochrome, #BLM, #Frazzledrip. I actually think this is the exciting part. I believe that what has inadvertently happened is that we really have triggered the greatest collective awakening of individuals. Not that such an awakening really is the same for one person to the next, but we are starting to really open our eyes collectively and able to have public discussions in the light of day questioning narratives and challenging what we’re told.

So who is Admiral Q?

I had a lot of fun with the Josh Greco character. If Q was meant to be in the shadows and the quite unseen army, then it needs a public point of contact. As QAnon is largely a net that collects from a lot of ideologies, I suspect Admiral Q’s first job would be to connect those ready to fight with the resources they need to engage in battle. What brought the attention of Q to me in the first place was my posting and hosting of videos that are deemed “objectionable” and have been censored worldwide. The internet is largely run by California idealists that enforce a pseudo morality clause into most of your online activity. If anyone has an app on their phone, Google or Apple can match that with a tremendous amount of information which they freely share with anyone they feel like. What’s happened is we have as internet users chosen to segment ourselves under the umbrella of corporations an governments that are being given access to a tremendous amount of information, which they are using against us. When it comes to things like freedom, independence, and equality, it’s difficult to imagine a better country than the United States of America. If we’re failing this horribly with technology, we need to raise our standards.

So why did Josh Greco proudly wear his Trump 2020 hat? Because Trump has made it clear he is willing to protect the intellectual property of U.S. technology companies. The things I have done to protect free speech on the internet would get me in prison for up to 5,000 years in New Zealand, probably more. Why? For hosting a video their censorship department deems “objectionable?” Fuck that. My grandfather did not serve in the United States Marine Corp or the Navy so that I could willingly hand the internet over to foreigners.

Admiral Q is here to help anyone willing to join the cause of freedom protect freedom. On my facebook feed that includes the III% militias, QAnon, Anonymous, Boog Bois, and anyone willing to help fight to end the information warfare that is in fact plaguing our society right now. It was eight days ago that the Document1 was dropped and based on that the only thing missing right now is public access to tools to help fight the evils that have been exposed through QResearchers. In the coming days I’ll be recruiting for members willing to join me in the spotlight to fight information warfare and confusion. Sex trafficking and slavery still exist in 2020 and that needs to end. What I’ve learned through the writings of Josh Greco is that American citizens had enough with the bullshit and the whole world is watching what happens next.


#TheGreatAwakening #Document1

The Great Awakening You have arrived. It’s been a long journey. Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Get a glass of water and sit down. This is going to be long. It’s going to make you uncomfortable. It’s not what you thought it was going to be, but it’s what you didn’t even know you needed to hear. The totality of this is greater than the sum of its parts and I implore you to read all the way to the end. It’s going to make you angry. It’s going to make you feel a lot of things you don’t want to feel, but you wanted to wake up and this was the only way. You are going to want to dismiss it. People will tell you not to read it. Belief is the most powerful force in this universe, and your belief is about to be challenged in a way you didn’t expect. Fortunately, you don’t have to actually believe anything written here. All you have to do is read it with an open mind. If you get to the end of this your thinking will change. You will be one step closer to being free, and then you can then go on to free the others. Where we go one, we go all. Before we go any further, we need to set some ground rules: 1) The language here is going to seem really… off, but I promise you it will make sense by the end. This document is designed to be interpreted _literally_. I can’t stress that enough. Do not look for hidden clues—there are none. There is no misdirection, no deeper meaning, no numerology or special calendar to look at. This is the end of the line. This is a 1:1 conversation, speaking as open and honestly as possible. We are just two people having a chat. Any other meaning you try to derive outside of what is written here is on you. 2) Much of this is about language. To some, the language is going to seem very strange, crude, cryptic, nerdy, or childish at times. I’m trying to be as authentic as possible. Please understand it is not meant to be interpreted as racist, sexist or bigoted. Internet culture, “the chans” in particular, have a kind of language that is systemically all these things, but people do not interpret the language literally in use. I will try to keep it as civil and digestible as possible. 3) Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other. And before we even really get started, we need to everyone on the same level, with something that approaches a fair knowledge base. Over the past three years people have joined this movement from all around the world. Q Drops have been translated into dozens of languages. There are now mobile apps, shirts, hats, podcasts and documentaries. QAnon means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. As I’m writing this, former military generals are swearing oaths to QAnon. The movement has grown beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. Many people are joining the QAnon movement, but they don’t really understand what they are reading. They are confused. I want to talk just briefly about the history of a part of the internet where QAnon comes from, not in an attempt to legitimize myself as some elder sage, but to build understanding. To truly understand all of this you need context. Context about the people and platforms that now bring you your information—and ultimately, your news. Some of you go all the way back to the Something Awful forums and the days when platforms like IRC and ICQ still felt new. Some of you literally just joined yesterday. I am going to give you an abbreviated history of the chans as it pertains QAnon. Most people know 4chan and 8chan as the place where Q lives online, but they don’t really understand them. “No outside comms” seems to be what the 99% of QAnon understands—that these are the “official” channels where Q posts. But have you ever been there? Have you ever really gone to boards and looked at them? Some you have, but the vast, vast majority of QAnon followers have not. Perhaps that is no surprise, as they aren’t easily comprehensible. So, let’s talk briefly about three things: Something Awful, 4chan, and 8chan/8kun. And I do mean briefly. You could write a book about each of these, but we can move forward with some broad strokes that should give you the context you need to truly understand Q. We have to quickly go back to 1999. In 1999 someone known as “Lowtax” created a website called Something Awful (which I will refer to as SA going forward), which still exists today. You can go and check it out if you like. Before Facebook and Twitter, before YouTube even existed, and even before most people knew what Google was, there was Something Awful. SA has been a lot of things over the years, but it is mostly a forum—a message board. On SA everyone was mostly anonymous because, at the time, no one other than academics used their real name on the internet. SA was a semi-private board. It was the internet’s first large “secret society” of sorts. It was mostly focused on video games and Adobe Flash content, and it birthed some of the internet’s very first memes. It was a trollish but a (mostly) well-meaning community of nerds. Some members, known as the “GoonSquad” or just “Goons” would often group up and bombard players of the early MMORPGs to troll them. It was (mostly) harmless fun and pranks. In the late 90’s and early 00’s only nerds were on the internet anyway, so it was mostly nerds trolling other nerds in video games. You could identify other Goons by asking as simple question: “Do you have stairs in your house?” If someone answered, “I am protected,” then you knew they were a fellow Goon. Why am I talking about this? Well, if you had to pick a place to put on a birth certificate for where internet culture itself was born, Something Awful would be that place. A few years later someone known at the time only as “moot” created a website called 4chan. 4chan is a fully anonymous (seemingly, anyway) message board, based on a Japanese message board design known as 2chan. It’s actually better described as an “imageboard,” since you have to upload an image with every post. 4chan was open to all. There were few rules, and on some boards—none. Post whatever you want, do whatever you want. For the most part, everyone except moot himself was simply labeled as, “Anonymous.” This is where the “Anon” in QAnon comes from. Like SA, 4chan was originally a haven for nerds talking about video games and anime. But its anonymous and open nature allowed to build its own form. The most iconic memes, from lolcats themselves to Rickrolling and beyond, started on 4chan. SA might have birthed internet culture, but 4chan gave it form—and it still powers much of the creativity of internet itself to this day. The anonymous nature of the form allowed for a kind of collaborative creativity that—and I truly believe this—has changed the world for the better. It’s a special kind of creativity and one that you really need to experience if you want to understand it. On 4chan you will see new creative concepts born and shaped in real time, and you can watch them spread around the world. You can contribute whenever and whatever you like, and the community then gets to riff on your contribution. 4chan has even birthed new formats and new types of creativity. I want to talk about some of these specifically, to provide some kind of context for what “the chans” are really all about it, but we are just scraping the surface here. You might have to Google around for quite some time to truly understand this if you are new. Among the myriad of things that get posted on 4chan, one of them is known as a “green text” or “green text story.” A green text is a short story format that includes green colored text and a small picture, often a meme of some kind, like a Pepe. It can be pages long or just a few lines. It is often written in broken sentences and shorthand. They often start with the line, “be me…” and then launch into a short narrative. They can be true or fictional or somewhere in-between. They are often designed to be shocking, depressing or trollish, but they can also be uplifting. It is perhaps the simplest and most pervasive form of content on 4chan other than image macros themselves. I’m going to coin a new phrase and call this a form of Creative Anonymous Fiction or CAF for short. The anonymous nature of the platform lets you tell a story in a new way. Often times people will take green texts and remix them, giving them a different ending. I could post examples, but I’d be doing you a disservice. You are better off looking them up and reading them yourself until you understand it. Green texts can sometimes end with what’s called copypasta, which is a type of bamboozle. Copypasta is a snippet of short form copy that gets reposted over and over again. A bamboozle is a type of switcheroo—you start telling what the reader feels is a novel story, building to some climax, and then end it with a classic copypasta for that “gotcha” moment. It is, essentially, a prank. A text based prank. This sort of content now exists all over the place, far beyond the reaches of just 4chan. You might be wondering where all of this is going… we’ll get to that. In some ways this is actually the most important part of this entire document. I wanted to make sure that everyone has some context for what is to come, but I can assure this is going somewhere. Please do not let this extensive clarification distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table. So that’s a quick overview of the playful side of things. But on 4chan you will also see some dark and disgusting shit. With the good comes the bad—and the bad can be really bad. Because everyone is anonymous, everyone subject to being hassled by other anonymous posters. Everyone is gay, a fag, a retard or an autist. A thread without insults is a failed thread. The more people who tell you how gay and fake your shit is, the more people actually like it. 4chan may have given us lolcats, but it also ended up being a place for violence, misogyny, bullying, extreme racism—and even far more heinous things. For 12 years moot moderated the site. May criticized him at the time, but I think we can all look back now and know that he really did a fantastic job. For over a decade he was the beam scale that balanced free speech against the darkest depths of humanity—and I meant that literally. He developed a system to help identify “anonymous” posters and worked with the FBI to put away pedophiles, child pornographers, and even would-be domestic terrorists. He did this all while being told constantly how gay he was and how many dicks he sucked (as is the way). Moot was a hero we never deserved. The two most popular boards on 4chan are /pol/ (for politics) and /b/ (which stands for random). People who post on these boards are often referred to as /pol/tards and /b/tards respectively, with /b/ being one of the more nefarious (but also one of the more creative) boards as it had essentially no rules on what you could post. If “tard” sounds harsh, know that it is said lovingly. Even seniority within the community itself is derogatory. There are “oldfags” and “newfags,” where being called an oldfag is an informal compliment and recognition of seniority. Opinions will differ, but oldfags are generally recognized as being those who were around 4chan since before the pool was closed—one of the very first large raids. In 2006 a sort of prank was organized on 4chan by a group of Anons to “raid” the Flash game Habbo Hotel. Hundreds of people created black avatars in the game and went around spamming the chat with racist and anti-Semitic nonsense, drawing swastikas and blocking off the pool area in the game, declaring that the, “Pool’s closed due to AIDS.” Why? For laughs. The average age of the userbase for this game was around 15 years old. Then again, the average age of the then Anons was probably the same. There is a lot more to this story, and I encourage you to look it up if you have the time, but the point is that this event eventually lead to 30 seconds in the spotlight on some news outlets. This was the first big event that was attributed to 4chan and Anonymous as a group. It was the first time that most people outside of the depths of the internet had ever even heard of 4chan. After this, more newfags joined. 4chan grows and the subgroup of /b/tards and /pol/tards that would come be to known more formally as “Anonymous” starts to take shape. All the while, moot is trying to balance what content stays and what content goes. The rest, as they say, is history. You start to see all kind of digital activism being organized on 4chan. Raids turn into DDoS (Distributed denial of service) attacks that shut down websites. People get arrested. Splinter groups form. Anonymous becomes more political. /b/ and /pol/ start to leak out of the internet and into the real world. People start protesting various things, like the Church of Scientology, wearing the iconic mask that the character V wears in the movie V for Vendetta. Logos are created. Anonymous comes into its own as a digital force. The group aligns itself with what DnD players call, “Chaotic Good.” Anons enjoy playing a character that is either an anti-hero or anti-villain. Sometimes Anons will pretend to have some super elite hacker ability, and while that is sometimes true it is mostly embellishment. Some people refer to this as Live Action Role Playing (LARP or LARPing), but it is not quite that. LARPing is when people take their Dungeons and Dragons game to the next level or dress up like Harry Potter characters and roleplay out in the woods. What happens on 4chan is very much a form of roleplaying, but one specifically shaped by the anonymous nature of the platform. I’m going to coin a second term here—Creative Anonymous Role Playing, or CARPing. More on this later. Moot continues to run 4chan until 2015. During that time, it gets harder and harder to manage. Anonymous becomes more unruly, and the site starts to spiral. Cyberbulling goes to a whole new level. There are celebrity nude photo leaks. Gamergate. A series of actual murders and killings get posted on 4chan. 4chan didn’t cause them, but that’s where the content ended up living. The site starts to become unmanageable with the old rules in place. Why moot bothered to keep it going I’ll never understand. There was never much money in the site itself and it always seemed like a huge headache. But the site starts to take moderation more seriously as harassment ramps up. Boards like /pol/ start to get more strict rules. Even /b/ starts to see more and more threads get removed. In 2013, a piece of shit Anon known as “Hotwheels” doesn’t like what’s happening to 4chan decides to splinter the group and starts 8chan. While moot is trying to wrangle 4chan into something better, Hotwheels goes in the reverse direction and starts empowering (and in some ways, encouraging) harassment with things like Gamergate. 8chan doesn’t remove anything. No morals. Doesn’t matter who gets hurt. Free speech above all. This stance obviously has consequences. While moot would work with law enforcement, Hotwheels gives them the proverbial middle finger. As a result, all of the bad actors now had a new platform. You see swatting become a popular tactic. More and more violent threats. While moot would work with the FBI to help track down pedophiles and terrorists, Hotwheels decides to relocate the site to Philippines (where the age of consent is 12, mind you). He can barely keep the site running. No one wants to host this content; he can’t even keep the .com anymore because the registrars don’t want to work with him. Hotwheels finds some other shitstain in Manila who runs a pig farm and a porn site designed to get around Japanese pornography laws. They partner up. After three shootings (Christchurch, Poway, and El Paso) in 2019 where the shooters posted their manifesto to 8chan, Hotwheels finally admits the site got away from. The site shut down for a while, but the pig farmer and his son started it back up and rebranded it as 8kun after finding a Russian hosting provider who was willing to host the content. It is now a safe harbor for literally the worst of humanity, and you don’t have to take my word for it. Even Hotwheels himself now advocates for shutting the site down, but the pig farmer and his son have run away with it. This is where your information comes from. This is where it lives. Now that you have a better understanding of who is creating this information—your news—it is time. This next part is going to be hard. You have been bamboozled. QAnon is a hoax. It may well be one of—if not THE—greatest, most pervasive, hoaxes of all time. How do I know this? Because I am Q. In fact, I am the original Q. One of them, anyway. This is the point where many will stop reading. You are likely either angry or starting to feel embarrassed. I’m going to ask you to try and put those feelings aside for a moment and keep reading. You have absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed. This isn’t your fault. You did nothing wrong. You got caught in a world you didn’t fully understand and there are people now trying to prey on you at every corner to sell you hats and t-shirts. If you are willing to go forward, allow me to explain. What has happened here is what I’m going to call a “Galaxy Quest” moment. There is a lovely movie that came out in 1999 called Galaxy Quest. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s worth a watch. It’s a family friendly comedy about an advanced alien race who watches a TV show made on Earth called Galaxy Quest. Galaxy Quest is a TV show, but the aliens don’t know it. They refer to the TV show as the, “historical documents.” They built an entire civilization around the historical documents, never realizing it was a TV show. It’s a fun concept. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Anyway, the aliens weren’t stupid. In fact, they were the furthest thing from stupid as they made all the science fiction from the show come to life (although they are portrayed are dumb for the sake of comedy). The aliens simply did not have the context necessary to understand what they were seeing. They didn’t realize it was fiction. They didn’t know what fiction was. That is what has happened here with QAnon. You have read things on platforms you didn’t fully understand, and you brought your own context and understanding to it. You read fiction as non-fiction and no one has bothered to explain to you how or why this content even exists. We are going to go back as far as I can remember. I ask that other Anons corroborate what follows, not for me, but for those who are trapped by what has become a truly insidious ideology. This all starts in the summer of 2016. Someone on /pol/ makes a post pretending to be someone working with “intimate knowledge” of the “Clinton case.” They made a post in the style of an AMA (which stands for Ask Me Anything, a form of Q&A popularized by reddit). This is just another form of CARPing (Creative Anonymous Roleplaying). The first two responses are: “Will the Hillary get Pregnant again?” and “Why are you on 4chan on a Friday night?” This thread almost instantly devolves into what is commonly known as a “shitpost.” It is nonsense. You might say to yourself, “Why would someone go on the internet and tell lies?” Well, this person isn’t really lying, they are shitposting. It is a form of artistic expression. It’s an attempt to get someone to suspend their belief for a few moments. Any seasoned oldfag or /pol/tard knows exactly what this kind of thread is. No one takes this literally. However, at the time /pol/ is growing. You’ve got new people coming in daily. Much of /pol/ favors Donald Trump, broadly for his trollish nature and memeability, but also for his politics. Months later, someone cites the AMA as the FBI source behind the Pizzagate theory. This finds its way to Twitter. No one actually understands what they are reading, and no one checks the sources. Someone actually thought a months old shitpost on /pol/ was some kind of real leak. Long story short, someone goes into a Comet Ping Pong pizza with an AR-15 and starts shooting. A Friday night shitpost turned into shooting. Fast forward about six months. Someone on /b/ posts a depressing green text asking for recommendations on a new cult to join after they found out their girlfriend was cheating. Someone mentions that OP should become a Tibetan monk, because Tibetan Buddhism is a really great cult (e.g. because you can “light yourself on fire if you ever get too depressed OP”). Tibetan Buddhism goes on forever because the Dalia Llama gets reincarnated infinitely, so maybe if you are lucky you get to be him one day. This is the thinking. This isn’t exactly enlighted discussion. I respond suggesting that I have a great new cult that OP can join (which is loosely based on Heaven’s Gate, I’m just making this up on the spot). I had recently listened to a podcast about Heaven’s Gate and I was riffing on it. I loved the absurdity. OP asked for more sauce, but I decided to start a new thread instead. Warning: This about to get really nerdy. I started writing some shitposts with pseudo biblical writing, talking about saving humanity. I’m actually more embarrassed about it now than anything, as it was not my finest work. I would refer to “the awakening” as being the time when I would deliver the evidence that would let people “wake up” and realize we were in a simulation. Have you ever seen the Matrix? Yeah, like I said… not my finest work. I signed my posts as Q. Where did Q come from? Well, initially, because of John de Lancie’s character of Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The character of Q was omnipotent and omnipresent. In the show he would speak to Captain Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise in his own form of strange riddles. Q took a particular interest in humanity as a whole and would appear as a jester-like sort of mix between an anti-hero and anti-villain, always giving Picard hints on how to expand his mind to solve a problem, usually to save all of humanity. So, this was my model. The goal was to get a few believers and then set a date a few weeks later and reveal “the awakening.” The Awakening was just supposed to copypasta. It was a bamboozle. I was trolling I never even did it because I got bored with it. Most people could see through it (fake and gay) anyway. But someone was watching. Someone who likely called me fag and told me to choke on a bunch of dicks and kill myself was watching. A few months later I start to see the first “Q” posts, which would eventually be called “Q Drops.” It migrates from /b/ to /pol/. Wow, so original. You took one shit idea from /b/ and made it political. Round of applause. This person knew exactly what I was doing, not that what I did was that original either. Star Trek is pretty popular among internet nerds. But this is why Q has always talked the way he does. This was the model. This is where Q comes from. The “Q Clearance” stuff that came later is, well… coincidence. But not even a good coincidence because it doesn’t even really make sense, as that is a clearance for the Department of Energy. The Q from Star Trek also exits as what is known as the “Q Continuum”, where there are other omnipotent beings, and everyone is referred to as Q. This is where the habit of Q referring to himself as “we” comes from. It’s a Star Trek fan, just like me—only one who managed to make a piece of creative anonymous fiction into something political. Likely for lulz at first, because lets be real no one thought it would turn into what it has. I suspect that Q has been played by many different people over the last couple years as the tripcode has changed, but likely all of them are Star Trek TNG fans. You can really see it in the writing and the constant talk about “humanity.” It’s also possible that the person currently playing Q is the same as the person who was shitposting in my original thread. It doesn’t even matter. So that’s it. That’s Q. Q eventually moved from 4chan to 8chan and then 8kun. It should be obvious who controls the narrative now. There is nothing truly anonymous or secure about 8kun. We have technologies for that (i.e. tor, torrents, modern cryptography) and 8kun ain’t it. QAnon is the cash cow for the pig farmer and his son in the Philippines who run 8kun, giving a platform to future terrorists and pedophiles. There is a reason for “no outside comms” and “no dates”—control the narrative and keep the machine rolling as long as possible. Why? Money. Between ad revenue and merchandise QAnon is now a profitable venture. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and eventually you will make some prediction that will feel real enough, even if 99% of everything you say is bullshit, and keep the train running. In fact, it’s much easier than you think. Take the twitter account, for example. In early June I saw a number of trending hashtags around #JFKJRRETURNS. I could not believe the amount of people who were latching onto this. I watched the account go from zero to tens of thousands of followers in a day or so and then disappear. Everyone was saying that Twitter “banned” him. But when Twitter bans an account the language on the page says that the account was suspended. The account page for this account said that “This account doesn’t exist.” That means one of two things: 1) the account holder changed usernames; or 2) the account holder deactivated the account. When you deactivate an account, it puts it into a 30-day limbo period where you can recover it. I thought to myself, “If I could get ahold of this account perhaps, I could do something good with it.” I never thought I’d actually be able to do it. Low and behold, thirty days later I went to see if the handle was available and it was. Now I would get to play Q once again. I just started riffing on whoever was playing Q with the account before me. No idea who that was. The envelopes were just responses from various government departments, nothing more. The postmarks are meaningless. Turns out if you write a letter to a government agency they will respond, and you get some cool looking envelopes. You can try it if you want—pull a FOIA request on yourself. July 22 was a date I pulled out of my ass. HUMAnity and ALl GOod ThiNGs are just more references to Star Trek TNG. The last episode of the show is called All Good Things, hence ALGO TNG. The very first Q Drops on record talk about Huma Abedin, and I thought maybe someone would try to make a connection with, “HUMAnity.” The last post from !!Hs1Jq13jV6 also mentioned “humanity”, but I didn’t even make that connection. It’s really not hard for those coincidences to pop up when you are all playing the same character. Manila, well, you know what that refers to now. St. Augustine is a reference to St. Augustine, Florida, where the largest QAnon merchandise operation is run from. The mentions of Hotwheels, moot and having stairs in my house was my way of gauging to see if anyone really had any idea about anything. The strange code in my location was just a Google Maps Plus Code. I picked a spot in the middle of the ocean off the Cook Islands and pulled the code for it. Turns out I didn’t even do it right, so it shows a different answer for everyone when you plug it into Google Maps. So that’s it. That’s the whole thing. Beginning to end. Call it whatever you like, but that’s the story. The story of the chans, of QAnon and how Q became Q. Do with this what you will. Believe or don’t believe, it doesn’t matter. Maybe this is all 100% true. Maybe it’s all 100% nonsense. Maybe truth is somewhere in the middle. What’s important is that you have more information today than you did yesterday. Where we go from here is a choice, and one I leave to you. What will happen to me? Well, I’ve been at a standing desk for 14 hours straight in order to bring this to you. I have done what I set out to do over three years ago and fulfilled my purpose as Q. My palms are sweaty. My knees are weak, my arms are heavy. It’s starting to fall out of my pockets already. Mom’s Spaghetti, Q