Why I can’t win against Q with my ppl who have been pulled in. And things I have observed over the last 4 years.

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Why I can’t win against Q with my ppl who have been pulled in. And things I have observed over the last 4 years.

edit: just read the rules and want to say my post contains sarcasm. Anything that seems even remotely Qanon positive is sarcrasm

My main Q person, my spouse, has been pulled in since 2016, right before Trump was elected. It has overtaken his life to where he will spend 16-20 hours a day scrolling down the Q boards, then grab a few hours sleep and gleefully return to the excitement of the site. There are others in my circle that have gone over to Q, and I have had conversations with all of them with very little success.

A big issue I have found, when trying to talk to my people that follow QAnon, is that Q has stated that they will ‘put out misinformation on purpose’, and they will ‘occasionally lie to the followers’, in order to ‘throw off’ the bad guys.  “We can’t let the bad guys know exactly what we are doing, so we have to put out misinformation now and then”.  They frame this action as ‘standard high-quality military spycraft’. And what it does, is give them an alibi.  Whenever something Q predicted does not come to pass, then the knowing among the group wink and nod at each other.  Q is not wrong. Q is never wrong.  This was just carefully placed misinformation, to fool the Deep State.  So no matter what example of Q failures you might show your Q person, they always wave it aside, and forgive Q, because you see, this is something Q HAS to do. They HAVE to trick the Deep State.  So Q is never wrong. It’s win-win for Q.  There is no disproving them.

Then comes SAVING THE CHILDREN.  Q tells its followers that they are so smart, so awake, so wonderful.  They are doing a most moral and admirable duty.  They are standing up against the Deep State, and they are SAVING INNOCENT CHILDREN!  Who can speak out against saving babies and children that are being sacrificed and eaten, or trafficked as sex slaves? Can you let even one baby be tortured? Not if you are a Q American hero!  Everything is worth risking, to SAVE THE CHILDREN!! Anyone who wants to slow down the movement, or ask for proof, is then branded a pedophile themselves.  You MUST be, if you question SAVING THE CHILDREN! The rush of heroic adrenaline that comes from this idea, the idea that they are saving actual babies and children with their actions is addictive and powerful.  You can see it in the near mania that Q promoters are experiencing when they make their breathless videos about how Q is doing it, and children are being saved! And where’s the proof?  Well, Q can’t say, either to protect the saved children’s privacy, or because to reveal it would endanger the saving of other children, that Q hasn’t gotten to yet.  Again, a win-win for Q

And let me tell you, if you have a Q person in your life who has maybe not achieved what they thought they might in life, if they don’t have a job they feel fulfilled by, or a relationship that is deeply satisfying, or the physical possessions they think they deserve, then Q plays right into this psychology.  All their failures to achieve what they thought they would by this point in their life are not their own fault.  They are the deep state’s fault.   The deep state has been stealing jobs, encouraging relationships and marriage with non-whites, and ruining America.  Follow Q and President Trump, and they will restore what should have rightfully been yours by now. What a seductive message – your lack of success is someone else’s fault! As a lower-middle class white man, the deck was stacked against you!  And they keep saying you have “White Privilege”. Ha! Those liberal liars! 

All you have to do is glance at the Q boards to see the daily cavalcade of memes mocking gays, jews, non-whites, ‘social justice warriors’, liberals, and feminist women. The amount of hatred and vitriol directed towards these ‘othereds’ is somewhat breathtaking in its scope. The laughing and mocking and meme-making goes on at a ridiculous pace.  When I last looked at the Q boards back in 2017, Interspersed with these memes are pictures of topless or naked attractive young white girls and women. Some who might be underage themselves.  But these pictures are posted to ‘reward’ the virtuous Anons who have been saving children and sex slaves all day by being on the boards, posting, and figuring out the clues to ‘own the libs’.  Back when Trump was first elected, I noticed my Q person started having all these naked pictures scrolling by on his computer all day long as he ‘browsed the Q boards’, and I asked if Q was turning into a porn site. He was highly offended, and insisted that you needed naked pictures of women to keep the men entertained and ready to save the children and sex slaves, and defeat the deep state.  I told him this did not make the Q site a very welcoming place for women.  Could people on such an important quest really afford to alienate half the population with porn pictures popping up all day as they save the children and sex slaves?  Didn’t they want all of us women on board, helping them to bring down the Deep State?  Turns out that no, they don’t need the women to help them with their hero journeys.  In fact, they have a motto for anyone who posted on the Q boards and claimed to be a female. “Tits or Get The Fuck Out” – meaning that you need to post a picture of your naked tits to prove you were actually a female, and if not you should leave.   Needless to say that ended my participation on the Q boards.  Then I asked my Q person if someone was verifying that all those naked ‘reward’ pictures were posted by women who were verified to be over 18, and verified to have willingly given that picture out to the internet, lest they be encouraging sex traffickers by making naked pictures of their victims a popular commodity.  Of course the answer to that was “Who knows and who cares?  BUT THE CHILDREN!!! satanic sacrifices! Adrenochrome! You are missing what is really important here!!” This dichotomy really turned me off to Q and exploring any more about it.

Then you have something like Jeffrey Epstein, who is a pedophile, who is exposed and arrested, and then dies, then his girlfriend Ghislane Maxwell is arrested, and Trump says in two separate interviews that he ‘wishes her well’.  What will your Q person say to that information?  Well Epstein getting arrested verifies that Q is right, and here is proof.  He is a pedophile and he was friends with the Clintons etc etc. But Trump saying that he “Wishes Ghislane well” in her journey through prison and court?  Well, obviously, Trump is lying, to ‘fool the Deep State’.  All ‘part of the plan’. Trump is frequently touted as playing ‘12 Dimension Chess’ games.  Anything he says that does not fit the Q narrative is part of a ridiculously circuitous plan to confuse the Deep State.

Now for the Harry Potter effect.  This is difficult to fight, the super genius hero effect.  I recently re-watched some Harry Potter movies, and Q blends so well with Harry.  Like in HP, the media is fake and puts out lies.  When Voldemort returns, Harry tries to tell everyone they are in danger, and no one believes him. The people in charge say he is lying.  The Daily Prophet newspaper prints that Harry is a conspiracy theorist and a liar.  But Harry is proven right in the end.  He was the hero that believed and stayed true despite all the trauma that the fake media and bad deep state Voldemort people heaped upon him.  So the more that Mainstream Media writes that QAnon is a hoax, a conspircy theory and not true, the more the followers believe in their cause.  Did Harry give up when the Daily Prophet was printing lies and mocking him? Of course not!  He doubled down on the truth that he knew, the truth that he alone was smart enough to figure out.  When reporters on TV sit and talk about how Q is a hoax, they might as well be wearing Delores Umbridge outfits as far as te Q ppl are concerned. All the negative press makes the followers double down on their belief that they are correct, they are on the right track, and they are the heroes that have to hold on; eventually all will be revealed and the world will know they were right, and they held on and sacrificed FOR THE CHILDREN!!  Think of all these innocent children!! They are the stalwart heroes in Q world.  If you stand up for Q, and especially if you have to fight with or dump your friends or family to stay true to Q, then you are surely one of the exceptional ‘Anons’, a true Hero who will win and be vindicated in the end!

 I asked my Q person when this first started, “When would they bring out the evidence?” For if certain politicians really were eating babies, making blood sacrifices, and participating in sex trafficking, then surely there is some proof, and I was as eager as anyone else to know the truth. At first it was going to be when Trump was elected – then it was pushed to after Trump was inaugurated, then it was pushed until Trump appointed his attorney general, then it was pushed until Trump dealt with Comey – and then it was pushed again and again, until here we are at the end of Trump’s first term, and the reason is something to do with Trump still fooling the Deep State and playing 12 Dimension Chess and not arresting any of the bad people because of some convoluted plan that still is not complete.  For those of us watching, the lack of proof has made us skeptical, but for the true believers, they still hold the faith.  It’s really exhausting to those of us watching from the sidelines.  It’s sad to see our friends and family pulled in, with no way to get them back out.  And pride is going to keep them in there, waiting for ‘the great reveal’, waiting for their chance to say “I told you I was right!” for a long, long time. I am soooo tired…