When you think of BLM or ANTIFA what comes to mind exactly? Probably the same thing that came to mine.
Destructive. Abrasive. Disrespectful. But had you ever given much thought to how they organize? Or if they are actually connected?
I’ve been checking it out from a wallflower perspective and I must say, I have been pretty surprised at some of the things I’ve observed. For one, I expected to see a lot of negativity. And it was present but in a very PC kind of way. Like whiny teenagers who get high and become all philosophical. Debating the proper uses of words that could be offensive such as dumb or stupid. Yep. Saw it. But at the same time I witnessed them caring for one another in a similar way that I have been lucky enough to experience personally amongst the blue lives family.
How’s that for Irony?

They really appear to have a solid network in that they are well organized and well connected to one another. You could spend days on telegram reading and watching as the busy little bees put together many a “Call to Action”.
Coming soon to a city near you.

But they aren’t just protests and riots. They have many resources that they work with and build daily. You want to plant a garden? They have a chat for that. You want to build your own weapons? Check! Survival guides, charging techniques, self care, pet pages.. Check!
The second you enter some of these chats you’ve got a bot giving you all the details about the resources available. It’s mind blowing. And it’s also a shame. All of a sudden you have a radicalized mentality of people working together over destruction and hate. While they could be doing some incredible things instead. If they let the skills they possess shine through without malice I suspect that instead of focusing on negativity, pc culture, and communism/Marxist ideals they would find themselves flourishing in the capitalist nation they hate so much.
This, in and of itself is an absolute tragedy. Because though I do not support the cause I do respect the teamwork and resourcefulness. Now if only we could convince them to build neighborhoods instead of autonomous zones.. and clinics instead of war zone style medic camps.. imagine what a different place “today” would be?

I also think it’s important to touch on the fact that the two groups are very much involved with one another. Antifa and BLM are absolutely co-mingling and working together. 100% no doubt about it.
Imagine that.