An article on how Breonna Taylors mother claimed BLM Louisville was a fraud makes its way to r/conservative . On a non flaired users only thread

An article on how Breonna Taylors mother claimed BLM Louisville was a fraud makes its way to r/conservative . On a non flaired users only thread .

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So the person from BLM calls the mother a liar. She says BLM/Until Freedom is the real agrieved party. They sacrificed, their poor families suffered as a result of the activists participating in the riots and protests.” WE GAVE AND GAVE AND GAVE AND GAVE AND GAVE.”

Nice touch.

In truth, they did give a lot.

They gave riots. They gave looting. They gave property destruction. The gave injury and death to individuals and police.

I mean, that is a lot of giving…

At this point I’m scared these lunatics might storm the capital one day!

A lone wolf appears

Name one police officer that died in a blm protest…..

David Dorn.

Retired police chief… thats what you got. You know your buddies at the capitol literally murdered a cop on duty in cold blood.

Keep grasping at straws and ignore your white friends who murder.

Lumping all of blm into one group is the same as lumping the capitol protesters into one group. You dont get to pick and choose what you generalize.

Well the blm and capital protestors are each lumped into their respective group. You tried to reach outside of the group and link someone to it who is not related.

BLM is a marxist organization led by another oligarch like it’s always been.

Whoever taught this person these words forgot to teach him what they meant and if he understood what they meant . Or he is just a clown .

A tankie / anarchist and a conservative walk into a thread .

Riots are good

So burning, looting, and murdering is good then?

You’re kinda right, it shows the educated from the ignorant so it’s easier to discern.

Imagine thinking it’s “uneducated” to remove the blight of capital and it’s cronies from your community, lmao.

Dipshit should try a book sometime

Of course that’s why they wear black bloc when enacting “justice”, just lovely. Rejecting the book that has quotes from their own militants turned domestic. They cry for the silence of an individuals mind.

You’re speaking like the islamic state caliphate, allah will heal you of your sins if you simply accept peace at any point on your path. Your people are simple followers turned volunteer martyrs.

Think carefully where you follow the beast. Corporations dont work for the people for free.

Anyone else really confused how people think BLM is both marxist and controlled by big corparations at the same time ?

call me crazy but BLM isn’t about Black lives .IMO It’s about using tragic circumstances , to create a blackbox to gain financial benefit for one or more organizing parties. And this is a common tactic beyond BLM . This is a template across charities and other organizing forms of charities .

Yeah it’s also used by big banks and “elitist” groups to control big corporations. Always about power and money, always.


I’m shocked! I’ve had a few heated discussions with some white family members who were angry with me that I told them to be careful. BLM is marxist and corrupt. Marxist by their own admission on their website. And I knew the corruption eventually would see the light of day just based on their tactics. This all happened six or seven months ago. I feel sorry for the mother and other family members who thought they were going to get support from BLM.

They are just another group that pimps minorities. The left is full of them.

Can you link to where they say they are a Marxist org on their website? I just went through it and see no such thing:

My understanding is that they are a Civil Rights based org, and looking at their website directly hasn’t changed that belief. [-100]

There is no difference. The BLM organization was created to funnel money to democrats using race baiting tactics. If BLM were an actual movement, they’d be in places like Chicago chasing down gang members instead of burning down fast food restaurants and looting designer shops.

Well there is a difference. But we don’t need to get into that.

We have BLM stuff going on in Canada that isn’t burning/looting/etc.

looks mostly peaceful to me

I don’t live in Montreal, but cool.

The fact you can’t recognize that there are both terrible and good things going on in the ‘name of BLM’ if you will is a problem.

People/groups all over the world do good and bad in the name of varying things.

Allah/God/Jesus/Capitalism/Socialism etc.

Some slaughter in the name of something, and some save by the same ideology.

So what you’re saying is that not all cops are bastards?

How comforting.

Blm is a reaction to generation after generation being brutalized by police. [-13]

No, BLM is a domestic terrorist organization, operated by convicted terrorists, marxists, and career criminals. Its purpose is to steer money from idiots into the DNC, and terrorizing the rest of the country into submission using perpetual victimhood and black supremacy. All opposition is crushed, EVERYONE who disagrees with them is arbitrarily a racist, and they are just as corrupt as any other self-serving marxist group. They were founded on a lie, and continue to propagate lies and extortion tactics to enrich their insurgency and their “leadership.” They, along with other far left extremists in media, tech, and government, have taken over the democrat party and set us on a path towards totalitarianism and mass suffering at scale.

brutalized by police.

Eh …outside of isolated cases, this isn’t true anymore. This isn’t the 1960’s. Today, more white people are killed by cops, usually because they are committing a fucking violent crime. And more black people brutalize black people (~2545 black v. black illegal homicides verses 6 police vs. black illegal homicides in 2019) …yet this is never discussed, and you become racist for bringing it up (typically because the individual you’re arguing with is just smart enough to remember to breath.)

Today, each time some street trash gets clipped by a cop, even if that person is a rapist, violent thug, crackhead, or an otherwise detestable garbage human being, an entire community who wouldn’t lift their fucking asses to improve their own community, come out of the woodwork, demanding money, special recognition & treatment, and national “change” that only they get to define.

BLM deifies the most egregious monsters in their community. All while protecting criminals, elevating them (a convicted copkiller was appointed to a police reform board in NY state) to near god-like status, and use skimmed donations to buy lavish, multi-million dollar homes.

So yeah; support BLM …do it; or we’ll burn down your wendy’s, loot your sunglass hut, auto zone, and jewelry store …because BLM wants and deserves “justus” for criminal trash.

Nobody intelligent buys this BLM bullshit, because that’s precisely what it is.

There are fraudsters in children’s charity, does that make wanting to help children a bad thing? The generational PTSD passed down makes for a different situation, police brutality against blacks is reminiscent of jim crow styles of thinking, that’s why you get mass protests, not everyone follows what the creators of the blm banner think. There are major anti violence marches in chicago all the time, lots of organizations that are trying to tackle violence. It’s not the black communities fault that they are sick and tired of unfair police treatment.

If I was being brutalized by police I don’t think my first thought would be “you know what, let’s loot and riot everything and throw a tantrum like little kids but with guns!!!”

I doubt that anyone is willing to read millions of angry letters.

Clearly you need to if you don’t know that it’s spelled nobody


Collection thread ( I’ll update every 2 hours . The thread was just uploaded 4hrs ago )

She’s just a jealous bitch she didn’t get a million dollar house in an all exclusive white neighborhood. But again. These people would throw each other under the bus in order to get their selfish agenda first.

Mayor Fischer gave her 12 million of tax payer dollars

Can we agree that BLM the organization is terrible, but the core ideas of the BLM movement (accountability of public servants and equal protection under the law) is admirable?

You know, I think the core values of ALM already encompasses those.

The core philosophy of BLM was originally marxist. The only part of BLM that seeks to actually help black lives is the name BLM.

Instead of a sometimes for-profit and sometimes charity we actually have an admirable organization that’ll benefit black lives?

BLM supporters have said bodycams are unacceptable after police shootings. They only have a vendetta against the civil servants, they want them to have no power at all over black lives, but that under no circumstances will be possible.

We need a state or federal organization made up of people who actually know what they’re doing and want to save black lives.

Think about it, BLM disliking bodycams on police officers. (The entire movement supported this change of view real quick)

Why is BLM always showing up here? Blm has nothing to do with conservatism. It’s virtue signaling and culture war shit

BLMs biggest enemy is conservatives, which they need in order to justify their shit ideas.

Edit : I caught a whole new thread in my first 2 hr check and one new random comment . Really good .

I caught a new thread I missed ( The guy defending BLM is also a conservative , just checked )

It’s almost like no everyone there is a part of BLM. If you’re there the protest then you are, if you’re there to loot then you clearly aren’t a part of BLM and just want to loot. Is it that hard to understand?

Why are you making excuses for a domestic terrorist organization?

What sort of terrorism have they done? Not including the rioters since they are rioters, not BLM.

No true Scotsman.

If all conservatives are naziiiissss than all liberals are communists and rioters and blah blah blah and so forth. No room for any nuance or common sense anymore. In fact I’m declaring liberals are Nazi communist terrorist crab people because reasons and words don’t have meaning anymore. You can thank your side for this dumbassery by the way.

Let me guess; you believe that 95% of BLM’s riots were “mostly peaceful?”

No I think their protests were peaceful, the riots were obviously not peaceful

So then you have the same opinion of the January 6th protest at the Capitol right?

Well I don’t know if ALL of them should be thrown in prison, I think heavy fine is more appropriate. Prison time for anyone who stole or vandalized anything.

But for the most part I agree.

Like the peaceful protest that ended with 5 cops murdered in cold blood?

Or the ambush of cops in LA where BLM “protesters” gathered at the ER:

But the same can’t be said for the protesters who blocked the entrance to the hospital where the two are being treated, and chanted “we hope they die.”

Dude these people suck but you can’t make assumptions about a group based on a small amount of people.

Small amount of people did $2,000,000,000 in damage, destroyed 30,000 vehicles, and 15,000 businesses?

BUT FUCKING SOMEHOW …all cops are bastards?