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Could you point to a single act of violence perpetrated by this “cult”?

Are you just referring to word violence? Like you saying I was crying?

If QAnon wasn’t real, we wouldn’t be talking about it.ReplyShareSaveEditlevel 2youre_un-American7 points·2 hours ago

> Could you point to a single act of violence

Do you want aggregates or singular examples?







> are you just referring to word violence

No. Actual, literal violence.

> Like you saying I was crying?

Nope. Again. Actual, literal violence committed by your cult.

> If QAnon wasn’t real, we wouldn’t be talking about it.

This is pedantry. Qanon doesn’t exist in any credible capacity. It’s a complete fabrication

That’s like saying what’s in the Bible is real because it’s in the Bible. That’s not how burden of proof OR critical thinking works.

You are in a literal violent cult with absolutely ZERO substantive backing.ReplyGive AwardShareReportSavelevel 3streamrift-1 points·1 hour ago

If you say something doesn’t exist when it does exist, you’re literally denying facts. You contradict yourself here so much it’s difficult to engage with you.

The Bible is real because the Bible exists. That doesn’t mean anything in it is what people purport it to be. To get more detailed, there’s “The Bible”, then there is the “Teachings of the Bible”. To take that even a step further, “Teachings of the Bible” are so expensive and opinions differ on so significantly, even within different religions that claim “The Bible” to be the only source of information about God (or whatever), there are many differences in them. Heck, the Bible itself has multiple translations. So if you’d like to discuss the existence of the Bible, it would probably need to start with “which bible?” Let’s also not ignore that each religion has individuals that study it and highlight it and put notes in it and the conclusion of each Bible printed, even of the same style, could lead reasonable minds to different conclusions.

So the bible discussion would probably look like this.

What is “The Bible”?

There are lots of Bibles.

Let’s start with what would probably be considered “The Bible” by the largest groups of Christians:

The King James Version (which is commonly held as the “right” bible). Then we have the New International Version which is allegedly the same as the above, but in more common language.

The nuances to the KJV verses the NIV are significant in some ways. Most people are Biblical Scholars enough to understand just how fractured a single line of a single verse in “The Bible” can be.

So when We have one person believed to be 13 people believed to be running a military information/disinformation campaign, it seems to me like the most reasonable way to go about understanding what Q is and what QAnon is starts by segmenting the dogmas/teachings/theologies of each of the different groups.

I have my own research that leads me to about four different narratives. Each time I find evidence that either supports or debunks a narrative, I try to adjust for it. I’ve largely only been aggregating more recent theories/ideas because most of them can be traced back through their origins and it helps see where the differences of the theories are.

For example, I have spent a lot of time with people who don’t like being public. All things equal, I would rather lead a more private life, but I really do like my career so I keep at it. Part of getting access to certain types of information means not giving up names or other details. I know that I have met some highly intelligent people that have indicated and represented enough things to me for me to believe they have at least some significant influence over the QAnon movement (which is different from Q himself). As I peel back the layers on that, partially with information I “exclusively” have and hold of high value, and partially with information I aggregate from other sources to combine with crumbs/tips/etc, it really doesn’t seem overly difficult to tell which “Q Faction” is pushing out an agenda and a narrative. In fact, what I consider the highest and most authoritative assessment of Q, largely is consistent with one of my four narratives, but that is a pretty big rabbit hole away from where most people are at. I think it’s all reasonable and backed by fact which is why when a certain drop happened it seemed to tie in with a lot of information from other reliable sources I thought “well, maybe I’m getting somewhere”.

I’m actually working to try to bring all of the “right” theories and/or ideologies into a single “sect” as it were. I think with the misinformation and information out there, in order for folks to really understand #QAnonTheology, it will require significant thought investment very few, if any, are willing to make. What frustrates the process even more is that the most zealot believers of either #QAnonTheology or the loudest critics of it are effectively in echo chambers so getting either of them to provide reliable information needs to be viewed throught he lens of acknowledging that there are people on both ends of the spectrum that til their dying breathe will believe they are right and the other side is wrong.

So QAnon exists. I suspect if you were to do a disambiguation of what “QAnon” is in the style/ideas I did with “The Bible”, what you’d find is anyone purporting to be doing violence in the name of QAnon, is either a bad actor or just heavily confused. If a multimillion person movement was violent, they’d be burning down car dealerships in Wisconsin.